Andrew Ferguson 会长很荣幸接待刘晓庆女士。

Coverforce were honoured to have a special guest Liu Xiaoqing at our new Barangaroo office recently. Liu is one of China’s most famous and loved actresses. Liu acted in dozens of mainland Chinese films before she turned 30 — The Great Wall of the South China Sea (1976), What a Family (1979) and The Little Flower (1980). Her breakthrough role was the ruthless Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi in The Burning of the Imperial Palace (1983) and Reign Behind the Curtain (1984). Her portrayal of Cixi won her numerous awards in Chinese film festivals and she later reprised the role in two unrelated films, including Li Lianying: The Imperial Eunuch (1991). She won Best Actress at the Hundred Flowers Award for her role as Hua Jinzhi in The Savage Land, filmed in 1981 but not released until 1987 and again for her role in Hibiscus Town (1986). Liu left the entertainment industry in the 1990s to focus on business, but later returned to acting in the mid 2000s. Liu published a short autobiography I Did It My Way in 1983. She became one of the richest people in China, appearing at 45 on Forbes' list of the 50 richest Chinese business persons in 1999. Welcome to Barangaroo.


Andrew Ferguson Pleased to Catch Up with Country Garden

Andrew Ferguson pleased to catch up with Country Garden CEO GT Hu today and his team of property, development and planning specialists. Country Garden have delivered many great projects in China and globally. They have an exciting pipeline of projects for Sydney. CNSWABC and Coverforce are proud to work with Country Garden as they deliver premium projects in Australia.

安德鲁·弗格森高兴地与碧桂园首席执行官胡总今天和他的地产开发,发展和规划专家团队见面。碧桂园在中国和全球推出了许多杰出的项目。他们有一个令人兴奋的项目在悉尼。 CNSWABC和Coverforce非常自豪能与碧桂园出力。

Hon. Craig Laundy MP meeting Australia Prime Minister and Chinese Premier

Craig Laundy朗迪办公室的全体人员祝愿大家:Have a NICE and SAFE Easter! Happy Easter!




4月24日,工业、 创新及科学部副部长,Reid 选区联邦议员,国会议员Craig Laundy先生参与了Malcolm Turnbull总理与中华人民共和国总理李克强阁下的会谈。




Craig Laundy先生提到,“在我们社区中的在澳华人,尤其是在我们Reid选区的华人,不断为我们的社会做出着巨大的贡献。我非常自豪能与这些在澳华人保持紧密的联系,我也期望与中国之间的友谊、经济以及文化纽带能越来越紧密”。

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World Built Environment Forum Annual Summit at Shanghai

On behalf of CNSWABC and Coverforce, Joyce Xu attended the 2017 World Built Environment Forum Annual Summit hosted by RICS at Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, bringing together leading experts from within and outside the industry to discuss the geopolitical, social and industry trends that will have the greatest impact on the built environment in China, Asia and the world.

代表中澳商业理事会,Joyce Xu 参加了在上海浦东香阁里拉RICS主办的世界建筑环境论坛,论坛汇聚专注于打造建筑环境未来的意见领袖。峰会上,来自房地产、建筑和基础设施等领域的资深专业人士,将整合知识、技能、以及资源,来创建和管理中国,亚洲和全世界人民都需要的建筑环境。

CNSWABC Hosted the 2017 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Rhodes New Community Centre

China NSW Australia Business Council hosted the 2017 Chinese Contemporary Art exhibition with more than 40 pieces of artwork created by the distinguished artists from China, to celebrate Chinese New Year. VIP guests including Hon. Craig Laundy MP, Mayor City of Canada Bay Helen McCaffrey , Deputy Mayor City of Canada Bay Tony Fasanella, Former NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge and Former NSW Planning Minister Tony Kelly attended the event. 

中澳商会主持了2017年中国当代艺术展,会场有超过40幅珍贵的艺术品还有来自中国的名画家。本次活动我们还邀请到了许多贵宾包括尊敬的朗迪部长阁下Hon. Craig Laundy MP,加拿大湾的市长和副市长Helen McCaffrey和Bay Tony Fasanella,前公平交易所部长Virginia Judge 还有前策划部长出席Tony Kelly。

Boyuan Holding Limited

Andrew Ferguson attended the Boyuan Holding Limited IPO celebration and appreciation function, Boyuan is the first Chinese Property Group to be listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).


Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo

Andrew Ferguson, attended and supported the Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo Australia Conference on August 4th 2016. It was an honour to speak alongside a number of great speakers, including Sophie Cotsis MP Shadow minister for Multiculturalism, Mr Mark Coure MP member for Oatley.

安德鲁·弗格森参加了21世纪广东丝绸之路国际展览澳大利亚站。安德鲁感到非常荣幸能代表商会在活动上发言,参加嘉宾也包括Sophie Cotsis MP多元文化影子部长,Mark Coure MP州政府代表Oatley地区议员。