Andrew Ferguson Pleased to Catch Up with Country Garden

Andrew Ferguson pleased to catch up with Country Garden CEO GT Hu today and his team of property, development and planning specialists. Country Garden have delivered many great projects in China and globally. They have an exciting pipeline of projects for Sydney. CNSWABC and Coverforce are proud to work with Country Garden as they deliver premium projects in Australia.

安德鲁·弗格森高兴地与碧桂园首席执行官胡总今天和他的地产开发,发展和规划专家团队见面。碧桂园在中国和全球推出了许多杰出的项目。他们有一个令人兴奋的项目在悉尼。 CNSWABC和Coverforce非常自豪能与碧桂园出力。